Estherville is a great community to build and grow your business in

  • Hard-working community members 
  • The presence of business and industries of all kinds that thrive
  • Competitive and convenient utilities
  • Our population is growing every year
  • Economic development programs and grants that are catered towards businesses of all kinds
  • A prestigious wind turbine energy program at Iowa Lakes Community College among their other programs ensures that Estherville is investing in future talent and employees for our industries
  • Our many food and agriculture plants employ hundreds and provide growth for our region
  • A low cost of living with great schools, houses, and entertainment options surrounding the area


The workforce in Estherville is unique in the sense that with so many neighboring communities, many of the employees from all companies around the community bring in commuters from other nearby towns. ‚Äč
  • A population of over 6,000
  • Median hourly wages are below national average at around $14.00 an hour compared to the national average of around $25.00 an hour
  • Close neighboring communities that draw in employees to all industries
Sources: The Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation, Bureau of Labor Statistics 

Training for the Workforce

The State of Iowa has a program called the Iowa New Job Training Program, or INJTP, that provides education and experience for new employees of new and growing businesses. This is also a fund that goes towards on-the-job training, institutional and consultant services, training materials or facilities, travel, and skills assessments among other things. This program has a specialized training for any business or industry that is constantly changing to meet business and industry needs. For more information, please go here. 

Employer Assistance is a website that employers can register on and use to post open jobs and job requirements. 
Work in Iowa is also a website through the Iowa Workforce Development where employers can post available jobs and job seekers can reply or apply to any of the job openings.